About Comfē‌ ‌Spirit‌


Reflect, Rest, Repeat

Comfē Spirit-Is about journaling to discover and build the life God planned for you. A life full of love, joy, purpose, and grace.

What you'll find here:

  • Weekly Blog Posts on the Following Journal Topics: 
    • Spiritual Journal Prompts Paired with Scripture
    • Prayer Journal Ideas and Templates
    • Techniques to Keep Spiritual Journaling Simple
    • Encouragement to Slow Down, Reflect, and Focus on the Things that Bring you Joy.

What I hope you Get from Here:

  • Joy-the kind that comes from living the life you were made for. 
    • When you start journaling through life, reflecting on where you see God in your day, you start to see patterns and themes pointing you to the plans God has intended for you.
  • Journaling for Joy 
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