How to Create a Prayer Space in Your Home



Do you wish you had more time to spend with Jesus each day?

Creating a prayer space in your home can help prepare your heart and mind to draw near to God.

Benefits of an at-Home Prayer Space

By creating a place in our homes to pray, we set it apart to feel special.  Not that speaking with Jesus and reading His word isn't special, but entering that space can help you start to let go of worry and be in God’s presence.  

A prayer space can be used to sit and read Scripture. It can also be a quiet place to enjoy a conversation with Jesus. Since I designated a spot in my home for prayer and Scripture reading, I’ve found myself turning to Jesus more frequently.

I also think having a designated prayer space helps you stay focused more easily because that space lends itself well to keeping your Bible supplies where they are easily accessible. 

What to Consider When Designing Your At-Home Prayer Space

  • What will functionally work in your current season of life? If you are single and own a home, you might have a room to create a prayer space. But if you are a mom to younger kids and don't have the luxury of a spare room, that's okay. I've found having a beautiful box that holds all my Bible supplies is the perfect solution. The nice thing is I can easily take the box to a different room if my current space is a bit louder than I like.
  • Find ways to incorporate things pleasing to your five senses.  By layering in what positively stimulates our senses, we start to associate that space as pleasing and peaceful. 

Consider Your Five Senses When Creating Your Prayer Space

Wood-dining-room-table-next-to-window-with-sunlight-coming-in hand-lighting-with-match-a-black-candle clear-vase-with-white-flowers-and-greenery strand-of-white-lights
  • Sense of Sight-Lighting: Do you have beautiful sunlight that pours through a window in the morning? Do you prefer more subdued lighting. You could string some white Christmas lights in a spare bedroom and use the dim light for a cozy spot to speak with Jesus. Pull up a chair and start your prayer space there.
  • Sense of Smell-Candles, Diffusers, Flowers, etc.: I’ve heard that smells have a stronger link to memory and emotion than any of the other senses. Sometimes I like to light a candle before I pray. I currently light one called Sacred Smoke, which smells so wonderful!  If candles aren’t your thing, you could use an oil diffuser. You could also consider placing fresh-cut flowers in your space if you have a flower garden.
  • Sense of Touch-For All the Cozy Feels. My favorite prayer spot is on my comfy couch under a soft, fuzzy blanket. Think about what makes you feel best and layer that into your spot. This could be blankets, fuzzy socks, or whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • Sense of sound-Music or Silence. Consider your interests when planning your prayer space, and decide what works best for you! I prefer a quiet prayer spot, but some people like to have worship music on. You might like instrumental music or to hear the birds chirping in the morning.
  • Sense of Taste-Hot Beverage of Choice. You may like coffee or something different. Do what feels right to you. I love to make a hot cup of tea in the morning and head over to my couch to begin my day in quiet time with Jesus.

Prayer Supplies for your Prayer Space

Having a prayer supply box or basket of some sort helps remove obstacles that can distract you if you need something during your prayer time. You decide how little or how much you want available in your prayer area. 

I have a pretty box that I keep supplies for my prayer space. I don’t always use everything, but it’s nice to have it there if I want it. 

Below is a list of things you might want to keep on hand.

  • A Bible
  • Colored Pencils. I like to "highlight" in my Bible with colored pencils because it doesn't bleed through as some highlighters do.
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Book Mark
  • Rosary
  • Bible Study
  • Devotional
  • Tissues
  • Candle Lighter-if you light candles when you pray.

Prayer Organization-A Way to Organize Your Thoughts

Do you ever start praying, and then your mind starts to wonder about everything you have to do that day?

Writing in a prayer journal keeps me focused when I talk with Jesus. You can find out more about that here. You can also download the free prayer journal template I use when you go there.


How to Stick to a Prayer Routine

Creating a prayer space in my home has helped me maintain a daily prayer practice. It’s helped me be more intentional with my relationship with Jesus. In the past, I would pray most often as a reaction to my situation instead of a daily conversation with Jesus. Creating a prayer space in my home has helped me maintain a daily prayer rhythm. Below are some ideas that take less than 3 minutes to do daily.

  • Sit in your prayer space and say the Our Father.
  • Journal one thought in a prayer journal.
  • Commit to spending just one minute in prayer. You’ll be surprised how that can lead to carving out more time than you thought you had.

If you commit to spending just a moment of your day with Jesus, I think you’ll find that it fuels your soul and gives you more peace and rest throughout your week.

I hope this article inspires you to create a prayer space of your own. 

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